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Waters Co Therapy Shower Lavender 2 Pack Replacement Cartridges

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Sooth your tired body with a refreshing shower filled with vitamin C and Collagen that comes from Waters Co Therapy Shower Lavender 2 Pack Cartridges

Did the stressful day at work-worn you out? A quick lovely bath would be nice to ease your tired muscles.

Imagine having a fantastic shower filter that turns your ordinary water into a soothing fragrant one that is free of toxins and full of nutrients. Having this kind of shower filter would literally have you addicted to bathing with it.

Make that into a reality with the Waters Co Therapy Shower Lavender 2 Pack Cartridges. It's a 2 pcs replacement filter that extends the usable life of the Waters Co Therapy Shower Deluxe Lavender Shower Filters.

Each filter could last for an average of 6 months for 2 people or 10,000 Liters each. Check out these amazing features below.

Nourishes your skin with Vitamin C and Collagen

Moisturize and nourish your skin as you bath with the vitamin C and Collagen that is infused into your water by the Lavender 2 Pack Cartridges.

The vitamin C neutralizes Chlorine and has antioxidant properties while Collagen improves the elasticity and flexibility of your skin to minimize the signs of aging.

Contains Membrane sediment filters 

You bath to cleanse your body but what if the water you use for bathing is dirty and is treated with Chlorine? Fortunately, this shower filter is equipped with Membrane Sediment Filters that eliminate contaminants like rust, dirt, and other solid particles. 

It also removes harmful chemicals like Chlorine so that it will not get absorbed by your skin and hair.

Scented with natural lavender oil

Enjoy a flow of fragrant water as your bath. This shower filter contains natural lavender oil so you can experience relaxing aromatherapy. Lavender oil has a calming effect and is perfect to relieve your stress.

Magnetizes water 

This shower filter can magnetize the water to reduce the size of its molecules. As a result, it is easily absorbed by your skin including the vitamin C and Collagen that are infused into it. 


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