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Best Benchtop Water Filters

Best Benchtop Water Filters

Clean, safe drinking water is one of our most basic needs but that is not always what you get with everyday tap water here in Australia. Yes our water is treated and deemed to be safe for human consumption but what are all the additives doing to our health?

So here is the question. Is it necessary to only drink filtered water, or is filtered water a luxury that you can afford to live without? Also, what are the best benchtop water filters available and what makes them the best? These are all the questions we’re addressing in this article.

Why Bench Top Water Filters Are the Way to Go

For one, you probably already know just how much better filtered water tastes compared to regular tap water. But more importantly, a water filter removes all the unwanted nasties such as chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, sediment, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants that Australian tap water contains.

One of the most common chemicals used to treat our water supplies is chlorine. Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, microorganisms and viruses which is great. But this strong chemical not only makes your water taste and smell bad, it can also be detrimental to your health.

Fluoride is also added to Australian tap water. It is added to our water to prevent tooth decay. But overexposure to fluoride can lead to ongoing health issues such as bone disease, tooth discolouration and thyroid issues. Most experts say that regular brushing is enough to fight tooth decay and fluoride in our water supply is unnecessary.

Heavy Metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and copper are commonly found in tap water. These metals can seep into our groundwater or can be transmitted through water pipes and again, overexposure can cause long term health problems.

By using a bench top water filter you can remove up to 99% of these contaminants while giving you fresh, safe and clean tasting water for life. Another benefit of our range of bench top water filters is that they alkalise and mineralise your water with essential nutrients your body needs for proper hydration and nutritional balance.

Why Our Bench Top Water Filters Are the Best

Water Co Bio 500 5.25 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

Waters co bio 500 bench to water filter

Firstly, this filter transforms your tap water into chemical-free, mineralized alkaline water. So, it removes Chlorine, Fluoride, Cadmium, Mercury, heavy metals, bacteria, waterborne germs and more.

In fact, it uses a 13-stages-filtration system with various activation, ionization, and filtering techniques for effective filtration, prevention of diseases, joint and bone issues, thyroid problems, and teeth discolouration.

Not to mention, it even adds essential minerals to your water, including Calcium, Magnesium, and more.

Waters Co Bio 1000 Black 10 Litre Bench Top Filter

Waters co bio 1000 black bench top water filter

This Waters Co Bio benchtop filter removes toxins up to 99%, adds minerals, and better adjusts the pH level of regular tap water.

In other words, this is a water filter for Fluoride, Chlorine and heavy metals during its first stage. Also, it cleans water of dirt, bacteria, rust, sediment, high-level copper, lead, and Mercury. And it clears water of THMs, which is a cancer-causing pollutant.

As for what it adds, that includes Ki (life force energy) to enhance your physical activity, stop bacteria growth, and promote quality sleep. Additionally, it creates negative ions for an improved immune system.

And the sub mineral cartridge re-mineralises your water with more than 60 bio organic trace minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and more. This promotes organ and muscle health.

Waters Co Bio 400 5.25 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

Waters Co Bio 400 5.25 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

This benchtop filter provides you with water that’s free of chemicals, contaminants, and THMs. Like our former options, the filter cleans water of 99% of Fluoride, Chlorine, Cadmium, Copper, Mercury, heavy metals, bacteria, solid particles, toxins, and chemicals.

Thanks to the 13 stages of filtration, water is filtered, ionized, and more, leaving it alkalized, energized, and delicious.

It also equips your body with magnesium, calcium, and other essential minerals. In addition, the Waters Co Biofilter has 6 pole magnets to give you magnetized water, which helps with colds, coughs, lowering blood pressure, and more. Like our former filter, this model also provides far infrared Ki to balance the pH level.

Water Co Bio 1000 10 Litre Bench Top Water Filter

With this water filter, you never have to worry about Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, rust, dirt, sediment, high levels of copper, bacteria, and other chemicals. Also, the minerals it provides are good for your health and optimal hydration.

With its 15 stages of filtration, you can enjoy tasty, alkalized, magnetized, and energized mineral water. Also, the carbon filter constantly activates water to ensure that no bacteria propagate.

Furthermore, it transforms your tap water into Alkaline water. It’ll also have Bio Mineral Pot (BMP) with coral and silica sands, featuring magnesium, calcium, and all-important silica. Additionally, the water’s pH levels can neutralize your body’s acidity, strengthening your immune system and vital organs.

Additionally, the filter produces Ki. Its negative anions purify your blood, help with fatigue, and enhance your immune system. Moreover, the filter’s organic geranium decreases the number of free radicals in your body.

Waters Co AceBIO + 1.0 litre Alkaline Mineral Water Filters

Waters Co AceBIO + 1.0 litre Alkaline Mineral Water Filters

This water jug turns ordinary tap water into mineralized, filtered Alkaline water, thanks to its 10-stage filtration system. It eradicates microscopic debris, heavy metals, chemicals, bad odours, and even the smell of regular tap water.

To elaborate, Ace BIO removes Chlorine, Calcium, Mercury, and heavy metals. And it removes Fluoride, preventing teeth discolouration, bone and joint pain, thyroid issues, and neurological issues.

With BMP, the water jug re-mineralises your water, adding over 60 heavy metals, helping you sleep better, and much more.

Of course, it differs from our other options in its design, as it’s essentially a hand blown blue glass reservoir. Not to mention, there’s no tap connection or electricity needed, and it’s compact.

Order Our Bench Top Filters Today!

With such thorough purification processes, added benefits and more, there’s little reason not to invest in one of the Waters Co benchtop filters. For singles or couples the  5.25-litre filters are the best option. For families or offices the 10-litre bench top water filters are the perfect choice to guarantee an endless supply of fresh, mineralised drinking water.

What seals the deal is how economical these filters are as their  replacement filters last up to 48 months of daily use. And because we’re confident in their quality, you get a lifetime warranty. So there has never been a better time for you to get your own bench to water filter so you can enjoy fresh, healthy and tasty water for years to come. 

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