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Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter - Lemon

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Get the best shower ever with the advanced Membrane Sediment Filters of the Waters Co Therapy Shower Filters - Lemon

Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter - Lemon

The Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter - Lemon is a remarkable innovation in home shower solutions. This is no ordinary shower filter; it's a fusion of advanced filtration technology and therapeutic features, designed to elevate your daily bathing routine to a level of healthful indulgence and tranquility.

Effective Elimination of Chlorine and Chloramine

One of the central functionalities of our Therapy Shower Filter is its ability to powerfully eradicate chlorine and chloramine from your water. These chemicals are prevalent in municipal water systems and are known for their potential health risks. Prolonged exposure can lead to skin irritation and hair loss. By effectively filtering out these harmful substances, our Therapy Shower Filter guarantees your showers are not just refreshing but also contribute to the health and vitality of your skin and hair.

Chlorine, particularly, is a potent oxidizing agent which can cause harm to the skin and hair, leading to premature aging and dryness. Extended exposure to chlorinated water may also contribute to more serious health concerns. Our Therapy Shower Filter protects you from these adverse effects, promoting healthier, glowing skin and hair.

Learn More about the Potential Harm of Chlorine and Chloramine

Nutrient-Rich Shower Experience

The Therapy Shower Filter is much more than a filtration system; it's a comprehensive wellness solution. It combines a patented mixture of beneficial nutrients, including Vitamin C and Collagen, which are vital in maintaining a healthy skin complexion.

  1. Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C plays a critical role in skin health. It neutralizes chlorine, reducing its harmful effects on the skin. Additionally, Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing signs of aging. With our shower filter, your skin benefits from the enriching properties of Vitamin C with each shower.

  2. Collagen: An essential protein for skin health, Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin's structure, enhancing its flexibility and elasticity. Regular exposure to Collagen-infused water can result in smoother, healthier skin, reducing signs of aging and damage.

The Power of Magnetisation and Negative Ion Creation

In addition to its nutrient-rich properties, the Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter employs advanced technologies such as magnetisation and negative ion creation. The magnetisation feature alters the water molecules' structure, reducing their size and creating softer water. This allows the water and beneficial nutrients to penetrate deeper into your skin, maximizing the moisturising and nourishing effects of your shower.

Negative ions are known for multiple benefits, including improving mood, promoting relaxation, and enhancing overall wellbeing. The inclusion of this technology in our shower filter lets you enjoy these benefits in your daily shower routine.

Aromatherapy with Natural Lemon

A standout feature of our Therapy Shower Filter is the inclusion of natural lemon oil, creating an invigorating aromatherapy effect with each shower. Known for its uplifting properties, lemon helps refresh the mind, enhance mood, and even aids in boosting concentration. This feature transforms your ordinary shower into a revitalising spa-like experience, helping you start the day with a fresh and positive outlook.

Durable Cartridge and Flex Hose Compatibility

Each Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter comes with a replaceable cartridge that is built to last. Capable of filtering up to 10,000 litres of water, this cartridge offers a lifespan of up to six months for two people with average daily usage. This long-lasting solution ensures you can enjoy clean, safe, and revitalising showers every day.

Our filter is also designed exclusively for use with Flex hose (Hand Held) shower systems. This compatibility ensures a seamless integration with your existing shower setup, providing convenience and ease of use.

Environmentally Conscious

The Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter is designed with the environment in mind. Equipped with a water-saving head, this filter uses approximately 8 litres of water per minute. This water conservation feature promotes environmental sustainability while still delivering a luxurious shower experience.

Important Considerations

While the Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter is highly efficient at removing chlorine and providing a nutrient-rich shower experience, it's important to note that it does not remove fluoride. Also, please be aware that the Shower Head is not included in the package.

Indulge in the unique benefits of the Waters Co. Therapy Shower Filter - Lemon, and transform your everyday showers into an invigorating and rejuvenating wellness ritual.

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Other Features:

  • 1 x 10,000 Litre replaceable cartridge included. Life span. (Approximately 6 months for 2 people average daily usage)
  • For use with Flex hose shower systems only
  • Negative ion effect shower head produces around 250,000ea negative ions around 50 times that of an average waterfall.
  • The water-saving head uses approximately 8L per minute
  • NB. Does not remove Fluoride

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