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Kuvings CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender

by Kuvings
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Elevate your culinary creations with the unparalleled Kuvings Chef CB1000, a marvel in blending technology. Designed for commercial durability and effortless operation, this vacuum auto blender stands out with its one-touch blending, pre-set menu options, cutting-edge vacuum technology, and the ability to deliver exceptionally smooth blends. It's not just a blender; it's your partner in pushing the boundaries of creativity in the kitchen.

What's Included

  • Kuvings Chef CB1000 Blender
  • Jug and Lid
  • Recipe Book
  • Users Manual

Kuvings CB1000 Unmatched Innovation

This isn’t just any blender; it’s a testament to state-of-the-art innovation, designed to cater to the needs of professionals seeking efficiency and quality. With its soundproof enclosure, the blender operates quietly, allowing for an undisturbed kitchen environment. One touch is all it takes to start a blending revolution in your kitchen—are you ready to experience the Kuvings difference?



Super Quiet Operation

Blend without excessive noise, thanks to the ultra-quiet, sound-reducing enclosure.

One-Touch Blending

Simplify your blending with a single touch.

Advanced Vacuum Technology

Pre-vacuum function for fresher, longer-lasting drinks.


Perfect for smoothies, juices, slushies, and smoothie bowls.

Reliable Performance

Engineered for continuous use with peak performance.

5 Convenient Pre-set Buttons and 37 Recipe Bank

Access one-touch blending for various recipes and a comprehensive guide to creative blending.

Super Quiet Operation

The CB1000 is designed with an ultra-quiet, sound-reducing enclosure, making it ideal for environments where noise reduction is essential. Whether you're running a busy café or making a morning smoothie in a quiet kitchen, this blender operates without the disruptive noise typically associated with high-powered blending. Enjoy the convenience of blending anytime without worry about disturbing your customers or family.

One-Touch Blending

Efficiency is key in any professional or home kitchen, and the CB1000 delivers with its one-touch blending feature. This intuitive design simplifies the blending process, allowing you to achieve perfect results with just a single touch. Whether you're preparing a complex recipe or a simple beverage, this feature ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Advanced Vacuum Technology

The pre-vacuum function of the CB1000 sets it apart, offering fresher, longer-lasting drinks. By removing air from the container before blending, this technology minimises oxidation, preserving the colour, flavour, and nutritional value of your ingredients. It's an innovative solution for creating high-quality blends that stay fresh longer, whether served immediately or stored for later enjoyment.


Versatility is at the heart of the CB1000's design. Capable of handling a wide range of textures and ingredients, it's perfect for creating everything from smoothies and juices to slushies and smoothie bowls. This blender is a powerful tool for unleashing creativity in the kitchen, offering endless possibilities to explore new recipes and flavour combinations.

Reliable Performance

Designed for the demands of continuous use, the CB1000 offers reliable, peak performance. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure it can handle frequent, everyday use without compromising on speed or efficiency. Whether you're operating in a commercial setting or demanding the most from your home kitchen, this blender is built to perform at the highest level, day in and day out.

5 Convenient Pre-set Buttons

This feature is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of blending. You can store your 5 most common bleb recipes for super quick access. Whether you're making smoothies, juice, slushies, or smoothie bowls, these pre-programmed settings adjust the blending cycle, speed, and time automatically to match the specific recipe you're making. This means you consistently achieve perfect texture and flavour every time, automatically with just one press of a button.

37 Recipe Bank

Beyond the convenience of pre-set blending cycles, the CB1000 comes with 37 specially designed recipes. These recipes guide you through a wide range of culinary creations, from nutritious green smoothies to indulgent dessert bowls. Each recipe is optimised for the CB1000, ensuring that you can explore a diverse array of flavours and textures with ease.

Achieve Perfection with Every Blend

The Difference is Clear

Traditional blenders tend to mix air into the blended ingredients, leading to unwanted oxidation. This causes discoloration and separation which makes blends lose their vibrant look and fresh taste. It's a common problem with household blenders which affects the overall quality of your finished product.

That's where the Chef CB1000 Vacuum Blender changes the game. By removing air from the container before blending, it prevents oxidation from the get go. The benefits of vacuum blending are clear: your blends retain more nutrients, they look more vibrant, taste fresher, and maintain a uniform texture. Plus, they'll last longer without any compromise in colour or quality.

Choose the Chef Vacuum Blender for consistently high-quality results that keep your customers coming back. It's the smart choice for any professional kitchen looking to deliver the best in taste and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does vacuum technology enhance the blending process?

Vacuum technology removes air before blending, reducing oxidation, preserving nutrients, and ensuring a smoother blend.

Can the CB1000 handle continuous commercial use?

Yes, it’s designed for continuous commercial use, offering durability and reliability for frequent, everyday operation.

What can I make with the CB1000?

It's ideal for smoothies, juices, slushies, and smoothie bowls, offering versatility and creativity in your menu options.

How do I clean the CB1000?

Cleaning is hassle-free—simply rinse the jug under the tap or use a spray gun for a quick cleanup.

Is the blender loud?

Thanks to its sound reducing enclosure, the CB1000 operates quietly, minimising noise in your kitchen environment.

Elevate your kitchen’s capabilities with the Kuvings Chef CB1000, where innovation meets commercial durability for unparalleled blending experiences. Whether it’s for your café, restaurant, or juice bar, the CB1000 is designed to meet the demands of any busy kitchen, promising quality, efficiency, and satisfaction with every blend.




CB1000 Chef Vacuum Auto Blender


Silver / Stainless Steel


32,000 RPM

Dimensions (mm)

220 x 245 x 480


11 kg


Easy rinse under tap

Jug Size

2500 ml

Max Fill Size

1400 ml


1700 watt

Continuous Use

24 hours


Motor: 3 years, Jug: 12 months

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