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Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer - Hands Free Juicing

by Kuvings
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Elevate Your Health with the Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer

Want a hands free, auto juicing, auto cutting juicer that can automatically prepare an entire juice recipe for you while you focus on other things? Introducing the Kuvings AUTO10 cold press juicer, a powerhouse in the world of cold press juicing. This isn't your typical juicer that you have to manually feed bit by bit, This is an actual juicing game changer. Let’s take a deeper look at the Kuvings AUTO10 juicer and see why

Innovative Features of the Kuvings AUTO10 Juicer



Auto Feed | Auto Juicing

Load the 3L hopper with whole fruits and veg for hands-free juicing

Auto-Cutting Technology

Automatically chops whole ingredients, reducing prep time.

Large Capacity

The 3-liter hopper allows for more fruit and veg and fewer refills.

Efficient and Quiet Motor

Energy-saving design with low noise operation.

Maximum Nutrient Retention

Cold press technology preserves vital nutrients and enzymes.

Easy Operation

User-friendly interface, simple to use for all skill levels.

Easy Cleaning

Designed for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

Durable Design

Modern, sleek look with a range of colour options, backed by a comprehensive Australian warranty.

Auto-Juicing | Auto-Cutting - Streamlining your time

The Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer is engineered to enhance your daily juicing experience by saving you time and effort. This efficient juicer simplifies your routine with its advanced automatic features. Equipped with a large 3-litre hopper, a strong and durable motor, auto juicing and auto-cutting mechanisms, it enables you to easily juice whole fruits, vegetables with virtually no effort from you.

Hands free juicing 

So simple and straightforward: load your ingredients into the hopper, start the juicer, walk away. The AUTO10 juicer takes over from there, effectively juicing your produce while you attend to other tasks. Experience the convenience of hands-free juicing and savour the nutritious results with the Kuvings AUTO10. 

Advanced auto-cutting

Chopping up fruit and vegetables every day to make fresh juice isn’t very much fun. It’s tedious, messy and well, it sucks. Let’s face it, you have other things you could be doing with your time than slicing and dicing fruit and veg each morning, right? So in steps the Kuvings AUTO10 Juicer with its auto cutting technology. The auto-cutting mechanism means that you no longer need to pre-cut the majority of your produce before adding it to the juicer. 

The Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer can easily handle almost all whole fruits and vegetables, automatically cutting them to the ideal size before it prepares your freshly made juice. Essentially the only things that you would have to prep would be extra large produce like whole melons, pineapples, whole cabbages etc or stone fruits, as their hard seeds should be removed to avoid damaging the blades. 

Large capacity hopper for juicing whole recipes

Another standout feature of the Kuvings AUTO10 is its ability to automatically juice entire recipes. Thanks to its large 3-litre hopper, you can load it up with a variety of whole fruits, vegetables and herbs all at once, aligning perfectly with your specific juicing recipes. This means you can prepare your favourite recipe in one go without the hassle of adding each ingredient separately.

This automated process is not just a time-saver; it's a real game-changer. It’s like having your own “juice barista” at home, always there and ready to make your favourite nutrient-rich juice recipes whenever you want.

The benefit for users is clear: less time prepping and more time enjoying the fresh, healthy juices that are key to a balanced diet. The Kuvings AUTO10's ability to handle whole recipes autonomously makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to incorporate juicing into their busy routines without compromising on health or flavour."

Maximum juice extraction - Minimal noise

The Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer expertly balances power and quiet operation. Its energy efficient motor is designed to operate quietly, ensuring top-notch juicing performance without creating overbearing unwanted noise.

With this advanced juicer, you can extract juice from even the most challenging fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens smoothly and quietly. It's engineered to maximise juice extraction while maintaining a peaceful environment in your kitchen or office.

Experience the unique combination of strength and silence with the AUTO10’s motor, which is both supremely powerful and impressively quiet. This feature makes the Kuvings AUTO10 an ideal choice for those who value both efficiency and a calm juicing atmosphere.

Drip-Free juicing

The Kuvings AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer introduces a smart cap feature, revolutionising the juicing experience by eliminating drips and spills. This practical design allows for seamless switching between ingredients and pausing of juice flow without mess. The smart cap is not just for efficient juicing; it also aids in quick cleaning. This feature ensures a clean, convenient juicing process, essential for those who value tidiness and efficiency in their healthy lifestyle.

Easy pour jug

Kuvings AUTO10 cold press juicer’s easy-grip jugs are designed for effortless handling and pouring. Their ergonomic design ensures a steady, mess-free pour, catering to both individual servings and larger gatherings. These jugs are a testament to Kuvings' commitment to user-friendly design, enhancing the overall juicing experience by making serving as simple and enjoyable as the juicing itself.

Cleaning made easy

The Kuvings AUTO10 juicer stands out for its ease of cleaning, thanks to the innovative clipper brush tool. This tool, specifically designed for the AUTO10, simplifies cleaning by effectively removing pulp and residue from both the inside and outside of the strainer. This feature represents Kuvings' dedication to convenience, making maintenance as simple and time-efficient as the juicing process, and ensuring the juicer remains in optimal condition for everyday use.




Pearl White, Matt Black, Red, Silver


3 litre hopper for whole fruits and vegetables


253 x 210 x 472


7.5 kg


Easy to clean, comes with a patented cleaning tool to easily rinse under the tap

Juicer Bowl (Top Set)

Food Grade Plastic (BPA Free)

Size of Juicer Bowl

400 ml

Size of Jug

1000 ml


200 watt


50 RPM


Continuous use for 30 minutes

Warranty – Parts

5 years

Warranty – Motor

20 years

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