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Kuvings 16 Tray Commercial Food Dehydrator in Black

by Kuvings
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Stainless Steel 80L Dehydrator with 16 Shelves: Transform Your Culinary Preservation

Introducing the Stainless Steel 80L Dehydrator with 16 Shelves, the ultimate tool for culinary enthusiasts and professionals aiming to revolutionise the way they prepare and preserve ingredients. This professional-grade dehydrator boasts a one-door, 16-tray capacity, making it a powerhouse for drying a wide array of ingredients efficiently and effectively.

Highlighted Features



Commercial Grade Construction

Engineered with durable stainless steel, tailored for the rigours of ongoing commercial use.

Precision Temperature Control

Offers adjustable thermostat temperatures from 30º to 90º Celsius, ensuring perfect drying conditions.

Efficient Horizontal Drying System

Features a horizontal airflow system for even heat distribution, eliminating moisture spots.

Stainless Steel Mesh Trays

Comes with 16 food-grade stainless steel mesh trays, designed for easy removal, cleaning, and maintenance.

Tempered Glass Door

Enables visual monitoring of the drying process without the need to open the dehydrator.

Cultivating Culinary Creativity

Our Professional Dehydrator is designed to inspire and accommodate the creative ambitions of chefs, butchers, health food store owners, and passionate home cooks. It facilitates the creation of an expansive variety of wholesome, preservative-free snacks, treats, jerky, bread alternatives, and more. Additionally, it serves as an exceptional tool for drying flowers, enhancing your creative projects with a touch of nature's beauty.

Expanding Your Culinary Horizons

The Stainless Steel 80L Dehydrator with 16 Shelves is not merely a device for drying food; it's a gateway to a realm of enhanced flavours, textures, and nutritious options. It ensures the nutritional integrity of your foods while extending their shelf life, allowing you to produce flavorful, nutrient-rich foods without the addition of artificial preservatives or flavourings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of food can I dry with this dehydrator?

This dehydrator is versatile enough to dry a broad range of ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats, fish, and even flowers for crafts, providing you with endless possibilities for preservation and creativity.

Does the dehydrator require a lot of electricity?

Despite its powerful 1000W motor, the dehydrator is designed to be energy efficient. Its ability to dry large batches of food simultaneously also means you can maximise your energy usage.

How do the temperature settings affect drying time?

The adjustable thermostat allows you to tailor the drying temperature to the specific needs of different foods. Lower temperatures are ideal for delicate items like herbs and flowers, while higher temperatures work best for meats and fruits, affecting overall drying times.

Can I leave the dehydrator running overnight?

Yes, the dehydrator is equipped with a 24-hour timer and built-in overheating protection, making it safe to operate overnight. Always ensure it's placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from any flammable materials.

What maintenance is required to keep the dehydrator in optimal condition?

Regular cleaning of the mesh trays and interior, along with ensuring the motor and fan are free from debris, will keep your dehydrator running smoothly. Always disconnect the power supply before cleaning and consult the user guide for specific maintenance advice.

The Stainless Steel 80L Dehydrator with 16 Shelves invites you to elevate your culinary adventures, preserve the essence of your favourite ingredients, and discover a world filled with unparalleled flavours and nutritious delights.




Stainless Steel

Temperature Range

30º – 90º Celsius

Airflow System



16 Stainless Steel Mesh Trays

Viewing Door

Tempered Glass


24 hours


1000W with Overheating Protection

Dimensions (Product)

400465620 mm

Tray Size

385*285 mm



Weight (Net)

21 kg

Weight (Gross)

22 kg


12 months

Model Number



230V / 16A – 50 Hz

User Guide


Packing Size

455520675 mm


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