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Foodcycler Eco 5 Smart Electric Composter

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Foodcycler Eco 5 Smart Electric Composter

The Foodcycler is a bench top electric compost bin that quickly turns your everyday food scraps into valuable, nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner with the push of a button. 

It represents the pinnacle of eco-friendly technology, designed for everyone from the environmentally conscious homeowner to the avid gardener and sustainability enthusiast. With its innovative and user-friendly interface, the Eco 5 is the ultimate solution for recycling food waste at home or at work. 

Welcome to the future of sustainable kitchen waste management with this smart electric compost bin.

How does the Foodcycler work?

The Eco 5 harnesses the power of a sophisticated yet simple process to turn your kitchen scraps into valuable fertiliser. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

Step 1: Collection of food scraps

Foodcycler eco 5 adding food scraps

Start by collecting your daily food scraps in the Foodcycler Eco 5's bucket. From fruit and vegetable peels to chicken bones and coffee grounds, the Eco 5 is equipped to handle a variety of kitchen waste.

Step 2: Automated drying and grinding

Foodcycler eco 5 grinding and drying food waste

Once you initiate the cycle, the unit begins by dehydrating the food waste, significantly reducing its volume and weight. This process is facilitated by the Eco 5's innovative Vortech™ grinding technology, which grinds the dried material into a fine, homogenous powder. This technology ensures that even tough materials are broken down efficiently.

Step 3: Cooling and filtering

After the drying and grinding phases, the unit cools down the processed material to create a stable, nutrient-rich end product. During this phase, the built-in carbon filter system actively neutralises any odours, ensuring the process is odourless and suitable for indoor use.

Step 4: Nutrient-rich fertiliser ready for use

foodcycler eco 5 fertiliser

The final product is a dry, nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be stored and used directly in your garden or diluted as needed. This quick and efficient process not only reduces household waste but also provides an eco-friendly solution for enriching your soil and supporting plant growth.

Process almost any type of food scraps

Foodcycler eco 5 list of foods that can be be recycled

Eco 5’s innovative features for food recycling

  • Extra Large Capacity: Handle more food waste with a 5-litre bucket, setting a new standard for kitchen composting.
  • Refillable Filters: Embrace sustainability with filters designed to be refilled, reducing waste and saving money.
  • Reduction in Waste: Thanks to dehydration technology, food waste volume is reduced by up to 90%, freeing up bin space and decreasing landfill contributions.
  • Easy and Efficient: With the press of a button, the Foodcycler Eco 5 cycles through multiple phases to transform your food waste into rich plant food.
  • Odourless & Quiet: The unique design ensures operation is both silent and smell-free, perfect for indoor use.
  • Net Zero Operation: Using the Foodcycler Eco 5 at home significantly reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a happier planet.

How to use the fertiliser

Foodcycler eco 5 fertiliser

Based on typical food scraps, the fertiliser produced is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are beneficial for plants  and soil. It can be used in a variety of ways, catering to almost every aspect of your gardening and planting needs:

  • Soil Amendment: Mixing the diluted fertiliser into your garden soil can improve soil texture, structure, and aeration, promoting better root growth and water retention.
  • Potting Mix: Incorporate the fertiliser into your potting mix to enrich your container plants with essential nutrients, offering them a boost in growth and vitality.
  • Plant Food: Use the fertiliser as direct plant food for your flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Its nutrient-rich composition supports blooming and fruit production, leading to bountiful harvests.
  • Lawn Care: Applying the fertiliser to your lawn can promote greener, denser grass growth, making your outdoor space more inviting and vibrant.

Sustainable gardening with Foodcycler Eco 5

By using the Eco 5, you're not only making a positive impact on the environment by reducing food waste and greenhouse gas emissions but also actively contributing to the health and productivity of your garden. The process of turning food scraps into fertiliser means nothing goes to waste. Embrace this eco-friendly solution and witness the transformation of your garden and the environment.

Dehydration vs. Traditional Composting

Dehydration vs composting

There's no doubt that whether you dehydrate your food waste or compost it, the finished result is highly beneficial for your plants and soil. But when comparing food waste dehydration with traditional composting methods, there are several key benefits that highlight the efficiency and environmental friendliness of dehydration:

Faster process

  • Foodcycler Eco 5 transforms food waste into fertiliser in just a few hours.
  • Traditional composting can take weeks to months.

No methane gas

  • The Foodcycler Eco 5's process does not produce methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas emitted during traditional composting.

Odour and pest control

  • The enclosed system and carbon filter of the Foodcycler Eco 5 eliminate odours and deter pests.
  • Composting piles can attract pests and emit odours if not properly managed.

Broad waste acceptance

  • Capable of processing a wide range of food waste, including meat and dairy, which are typically not recommended for traditional composting.

Ease of use

  • The Foodcycler Eco 5 is fully automated and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Traditional composting requires manual effort to maintain the right conditions for composting.

Indoor use

  • Compact and designed for indoor use, the Foodcycler Eco 5 can fit seamlessly into any kitchen.
  • Traditional composting is usually done outdoors and requires suitable space.

Immediate use of end product

  • The nutrient-rich fertiliser produced by the Foodcycler Eco 5 can be used immediately in gardens.
  • Compost needs time to cure before it can be beneficial to plants.

Reduced environmental impact

  • By diverting food waste from landfills and processing it without methane production, the Foodcycler Eco 5 has a positive environmental impact.
  • Traditional composting, while beneficial, has limitations regarding methane emissions and the types of food waste that can be processed.

What’s in the Box

  • Foodcycler Eco 5 by Vitamix: The core unit of your new composting revolution.
  • Bucket & Lid: To contain and process your food waste.
  • Refillable Filter: To ensure the process remains odour-free.
  • Carbon Refill: To keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Join the movement

Are you ready to make a tangible impact on the environment, right from your kitchen? The Foodcycler Eco 5 is more than just a product; it's a step towards a sustainable future. Explore the Foodcycler Eco 5 today and join the movement towards zero waste and a healthier planet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Foodcycler Eco 5

What does the Foodcycler Eco 5 produce: compost or fertiliser?

The Foodcycler Eco 5 produces fertiliser, not compost. This nutrient-rich fertiliser is derived from your food waste, making it an excellent addition to your garden.

What is the difference between fertiliser and compost?

Fertiliser is a nutrient-rich substance that feeds plants or soil directly, while compost improves soil structure, providing a healthy environment for plants to grow. Fertiliser often acts quicker than compost but both are valuable for plant health.

How long does a cycle take in the Foodcycler Eco 5?

A cycle in the Foodcycler Eco 5 takes between 4 to 9 hours, depending on the type and amount of food waste processed.

Can I add food scraps after a cycle has started?

It is not recommended to add food scraps once a cycle has started. For best results, wait until the current cycle finishes before adding more scraps.

Does the Foodcycler create methane gas?

No, unlike traditional composting methods, the Foodcycler Eco 5 does not create methane gas. This makes it an eco-friendlier option for processing food waste.

How much food waste can I load into the Foodcycler Eco 5?

The Foodcycler Eco 5 can accommodate up to 5 litres of food waste per cycle, making it suitable for larger quantities of kitchen scraps.

How do I clean the Foodcycler Eco 5 unit?

The unit should be hand-washed, as it is not dishwasher safe. The bucket and lid can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

How much electricity does the Foodcycler Eco 5 use, and what is the cost per cycle?

The Foodcycler Eco 5 uses less than 1.5KW per cycle, costing approximately 50 cents per cycle for the average Australian household.

How much does the Foodcycler Eco 5 reduce food waste by?

The Foodcycler Eco 5 reduces food waste volume by up to 90%. For example, 5 litres of scraps can be reduced to just 500ml of fertiliser.

Are the filters reusable?

Yes, the filters are reusable. They can be refilled with new carbon pellets, extending their life and reducing waste.

Can the filter's carbon be recycled?

Yes, the carbon used in the filters can be recycled directly in the Foodcycler along with your food scraps, aligning with the product's overall sustainability goals.

Is the resulting fertiliser ready to use immediately?

The fertiliser produced by the Foodcycler Eco 5 should be diluted to the recommended ratio before applying it to your garden to ensure optimal plant health.

Can the Foodcycler Eco 5 process meat and dairy products?

Yes, unlike traditional composting methods, the Foodcycler Eco 5 can process meat and dairy products, offering a comprehensive solution to food waste.

Does the Foodcycler Eco 5 require any additives like water or enzymes?

No, the Foodcycler Eco 5 does not require any additives to process food waste. Simply add your food scraps, and the machine will take care of the rest.

How often do I need to replace the carbon filter?

The lifespan of the carbon filter varies based on usage frequency, but typically, it should be refilled or replaced every 3 to 4 months to maintain optimal odour control.

Can I use the fertiliser produced by the Foodcycler Eco 5 on all types of plants?

The fertiliser produced is generally suitable for a wide variety of plants, but it's advisable to dilute it according to the recommended ratio before use. Some sensitive plants may require special consideration.

Can the Eco 5 be used in commercial settings like restaurants or cafés?

While it is designed for household use, it can be suitable for small-scale commercial environments like cafés, office kitchens as well as schools. 

How does the Foodcycler Eco 5 contribute to reducing my carbon footprint?

By processing food waste at home and preventing it from ending up in landfills, where it would release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, the Foodcycler Eco 5 helps reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Can the Foodcycler Eco 5 process pet waste?

No, the Foodcycler Eco 5 is not designed to process pet waste. It is intended for food scraps only.

What happens if the Foodcycler Eco 5 is overloaded?

If overloaded, the Foodcycler Eco 5 may not operate as efficiently. It's important to adhere to the recommended maximum capacity of 5 litres to ensure optimal performance.

How do I know when the cycle is complete?

The Foodcycler Eco 5 has an indicator light or display that will inform you when the cycle is complete, allowing you to safely remove the finished product.

Is it normal for the unit to produce heat during operation?

Yes, it is normal for the Foodcycler Eco 5 to produce heat during the cycle, as it uses heat to dehydrate the food scraps. 

What can't be added to the Foodcycler Eco 5?

To maintain the efficiency of the Foodcycler Eco 5 and ensure the production of high-quality fertiliser, avoid adding the following items:

  • Large Bones: This includes beef bones of any size and large pork  and large lamb bones as these can damage the unit's grinding mechanism.
  • Cooking Oils, Fats, and Liquids: Excessive oils, fats, and liquids can interfere with the drying process and may adversely affect the quality of the fertiliser. Small amounts of residue on food scraps are acceptable, but large quantities should be avoided.
  • Hard Materials and Large Fruit Pits: Materials like peach pits and avocado stones can damage the machine.
  • Non-Organic Materials: Do not add plastic wrappers, metal, glass, or any non-biodegradable materials.
  • Processed Food with High Salt Content: High levels of salt or preservatives may harm plant health when used as fertiliser.
  • Dairy Products in Large Quantities: Small amounts are okay, but large quantities can create unpleasant odours and may disrupt the composting process.
  • Pet Waste: Due to health and safety concerns, pet waste or litter should not be processed.
  • Cardboard: While biodegradable, cardboard should not be processed in the Foodcycler as it can disrupt the balance needed for effective composting.
  • “Compostable” Plastics: Despite being labelled as compostable, these materials require specific conditions to break down, which the Foodcycler Eco 5 cannot provide.
  • Candy or Gum: These items can create a sticky mess that interferes with the machine's operation and affects the quality of the output.
  • Oils and Fats: Large amounts of oils and fats beyond cooking residues can impair the machine’s functionality and the composting process.




FoodCycler Eco5


342 mm x 276 mm x 350 mm

Electrical Ratings


Cycle Time

4-9 hours



Product Weight

13.0 kg

Dishwasher Safe

No - hand wash required

Cord Length

1.3 m

Energy Usage

Less than 1.5KW per cycle

Usage Scenarios

Households, workplaces, schools, cafés, etc.

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