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Ausclimate All Seasons Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifer

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Introducing the All Seasons 4.1kW Portable A/C and dehumidifier by Ausclimate. This portable 3-in-1 air-treatment appliance incorporates cooling, heating and drying functions all in one machine. Versatile and powerful, it efficiently cools in summer, heats in winter or dehumidifies when humidity and moisture become an issue. Perfect for any home or office, it offers a convenient and efficient way to maintain an ideal indoor climate, irrespective of the weather outside. Embrace the ease of maintaining your desired temperature and humidity levels with this all-in-one portable appliance.

Standout Features of the All Seasons 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner

Feature Description
Versatile Functionality Offers heating, cooling, and dehumidifying
Cooling Capacity 14000 Btu/h (4.2kW)
Heating Capacity 8800 Btu/h (2.88kW)
Efficient Dehumidifying Removes up to 31 liters of moisture per day
Room Suitability Ideal for spaces up to 50m²
Eco-Friendly Uses R290 refrigerant
Quiet Operation 64db noise level
Energy Usage 1610W (cooling), 1150W (heating)
Portability Easy to move with castor wheels
User-Friendly Soft-touch electronic controls and remote
Warranty 2 years for domestic use

Comprehensive Climate Control

The All Seasons air conditioner is more than just a cooling device; it's a multifunctional unit that brings the best of heating, cooling, and dehumidifying technologies into your home. With its impressive moisture removal capacity, it addresses issues of high humidity, providing a healthier living space.

Suitable for Small to Large Spaces

Designed for versatility, this unit can be seamlessly integrated into various spaces, be it your living room, bedroom, or office. Its efficient coverage makes it suitable for areas between 13m² to 50m², ensuring that every corner of your room receives consistent temperature control.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the All Seasons air conditioner steps up with its eco-friendly R290 refrigerant. This unit not only only has a small carbon footprint but also contributes to lower energy bills due to it's power efficient operation.

Low Noise Levels

Noise can be a significant concern with air conditioners, but the Ausclimate portable A/C runs at low noise levels for more peace and comfort. Ideal for spaces where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms, study rooms and offices. The max dB rating for this model is only 64dB, which is the volume of a normal conversation!

User-Friendly Experience

Ease of use is central to the design of the All Seasons air conditioner. The soft-touch electronic controls and a handy remote make adjusting settings a breeze. Whether you need to change the temperature, switch modes, or set a timer, everything is at your fingertips.

Installation and Maintenance Made Easy

The thought of installing an air conditioner can be daunting, but the All Seasons model simplifies this process. With the included window kit and continuous drainage hose, setting it up is straightforward. Additionally, its castor wheels offer the mobility needed to move the unit around your home as required.

Benefits of the All Seasons Portable A/C and Dehumidifier

  • Year-Round Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment in every season.
  • Health and Well-being: The dehumidifying feature plays a crucial role in preventing mold and providing a healthier air quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Its energy-efficient operation leads to reduced electricity bills.
  • Flexibility: Easily move the unit to where it's needed most.

Ausclimate All Seasons Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cooling and heating capacity of the All Seasons 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner?

A: It has a cooling capacity of 14000 Btu/h (4.2kW) and a heating capacity of 8800 Btu/h (2.88kW).

Can the All Seasons air conditioner effectively dehumidify a room?

Yes, it can remove up to 31 liters of moisture per day.

Is the All Seasons portable air conditioner suitable for large rooms?

Yes, it is designed for spaces up to 50m².

What is the minimum room size requirement to run the All Seasons portable air conditioner?

The manufacturer's recommendation is to not operate the unit in rooms smaller than 13m².

How energy-efficient is the All Seasons 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner? 

It is designed for energy efficiency, but specific ratings should be checked in the product specifications.

What type of refrigerant does the All Seasons air conditioner use? 

It uses the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant.

How do I install and maintain the All Seasons portable air conditioner? 

It comes with a window kit and continuous drainage hose for easy installation and maintenance.

Is the All Seasons air conditioner easy to move around? 

Yes, it's portable and has castor wheels.

What warranty comes with the All Seasons 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner? 

It includes a 2-year warranty for domestic use.

How do I control the temperature settings on the All Seasons air conditioner? 

The temperature can be adjusted using the soft-touch electronic controls or the remote control.

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