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Hydrosil-Ultra 2lt Bottle | Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Water Sanitiser 7.5%

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Safeguarding Water Sources from Contamination with HydroSil-ULTRA 2L

Understanding Water Contamination

Rainwater naturally travels through various surfaces including gutterings, rooftops, and downpipes, consequently picking up potentially harmful materials, like bacteria and droppings from animals and birds. These bacteria make their way into our water storage devices, such as tanks, thriving in stagnant water and leading to diseases like E.coli when consumed.

Introducing HydroSil-ULTRA 2L

A reliable solution to this problem is HydroSil-ULTRA. This hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer, activated with silver, effectively oxidizes bacteria, sanitizing your water storage devices without leaving behind any harmful residues. This makes the stored water safe for human consumption. Uniquely, HydroSil-ULTRA isn't a chlorine-based product, making it non-toxic and safe for household use.

Scope of Application

HydroSil-ULTRA can be used in various settings:

  1. Drinking Water Tanks
  2. Cattle Troughs
  3. Water Filtration Systems
  4. Water Storage Containers
  5. Bore Holes
  6. Caravan Tanks

These can be used across different environments such as homes, caravans, farms, orchards, dairy farms, laboratories, fish handling industries, and meat works.

Mosquito Larvae Control

Additionally, HydroSil-ULTRA is perfect for controlling insect larvae, such as mosquitoes, and preventing their breeding and colonizing. This is particularly important in regions like Australia, where the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, including dengue fever, is high.

Application and Dosage

The consistent and thorough application of HydroSil-ULTRA into water sources is best achieved using a metering device. Alternatively, manual application can be employed.

The dosage recommended is an initial treatment of 20mls per 100 Ltrs of water, followed by a maintenance program with 10mls per 100 Ltrs.

To measure the oxygen content in the water post-application, peroxide test strips specifically designed for this purpose are advised.

In conclusion, HydroSil-ULTRA offers a user-friendly, safe, and effective way to protect your water sources from bacterial contamination, ensuring the health and wellbeing of all consumers.

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