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BioChef Savana Dehydrator - 12 Trays

by Biochef
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BioChef Savana Dehydrator - 12 Trays: Your Path to Healthy Snacking

Unlock the full potential of living foods with the BioChef Savana Food Dehydrator. This innovative device allows you to create wholesome, raw, and free-from-preservatives snacks, jerky, bread alternatives, and much more. Equipped with 12 high-quality 304 stainless steel removable drying trays, dual fan technology, and a two-stage sequential temperature-timer, the BioChef Savana Dehydrator ensures your food is dried to perfection. Enjoy the ease of use, energy efficiency, and the assurance of a 3-year warranty.

BioChef Savana’s Innovative Dual Fan Technology

The BioChef Savana Dehydrator stands out with its unique dual fan technology, featuring two sets of 500-watt fans, each with its own heating coil and sensor. This design promotes quiet operation and even airflow across the trays, guaranteeing uniformly dried food. Choose to operate a single fan set for smaller batches, saving energy without sacrificing quality.

Drying Modes and TST Explained

  • Fast Mode: Targets foods with high water content to prevent fermentation, utilising both fan sets at 70°C for 2 hours.
  • Regular Mode: Ideal for smaller batches, using one fan set at 50°C for 10 hours, optimising energy use.
  • Warm Mode: Automatically maintains a low temperature of 35°C after drying, ensuring your food remains dry and safe.

Set your desired mode and return to perfectly dried food every time, thanks to the user-friendly controls and the included instruction manual.

BioChef Savana Premium Stainless Steel Drying Trays

The dehydrator's stainless steel trays are not just about durability; they ensure your food is free from chemical contaminants and BPA. These trays are dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze, and their non-reactive nature means you can dry acidic foods without worry.

Make Healthy Snacks at Home

From fruit roll-ups that kids adore to crispy vegetable chips and preservative-free jerky, the possibilities are endless. Create nutritious alternatives to store-bought items, including granola, activated nuts, and even treats for your pets.

BioChef Savana Dehydrator - 12 Trays: Key Features

Dual Fan Technology

The BioChef Savana Dehydrator is engineered with cutting-edge dual fan technology. This feature incorporates two separate fan sets, each comprising a 500-watt fan, a heating coil, and a sensor. This setup not only guarantees a silent operation but also ensures an even horizontal airflow, leading to uniformly dried foods. The flexibility to use just one fan set allows for smaller batch dehydration, optimising energy use without compromising on quality.

Advanced Drying Modes with TST (Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer)

Optimise your dehydration process with customizable drying modes:

  • Fast Mode: Engages both fan sets to achieve a temperature of 70°C for 2 hours, ideal for high moisture content foods to prevent fermentation.
  • Regular Mode: Utilises a single fan set for a gentle drying at 50°C over 10 hours, perfect for energy-efficient drying with fewer trays.
  • Warm Mode: Automatically maintains a temperature of 35°C after the drying cycle completes, ensuring the food stays dry and free from moisture absorption.

These modes, coupled with the TST feature, streamline the dehydration process, providing flexibility and convenience to achieve perfect results.

Premium Stainless Steel Drying Trays

The inclusion of 12 high-quality 304 stainless steel drying trays underscores the commitment to durability and health. These trays ensure a chemical-free drying environment, are entirely dishwasher-safe, and their non-reactive nature allows for the drying of acidic foods without any risk of chemical leaching, ensuring your snacks remain pure and safe.

Included Accessory Pack

The BioChef Savana Dehydrator comes equipped with an array of accessories to enhance your dehydration projects:

  • Non-Stick Sheets: Ideal for preparing fruit leathers, bread alternatives, and other moist ingredients without sticking.
  • Fine Mesh Sheets: Perfect for drying smaller items like berries, herbs, and nuts, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Instruction Manual: Provides detailed guidance on how to utilise the dehydrator to its fullest potential, including tips for drying various foods.

User-Friendly Operation

Designed with the user in mind, the BioChef Savana Dehydrator simplifies the dehydration process. From intuitive controls to easy-to-clean components, this dehydrator is accessible to beginners and seasoned food preservers alike. The ability to remove or add trays provides flexibility in drying volume and size, accommodating everything from large batches of jerky to delicate herbs.

BioChef Savana Dehydrator Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What makes the BioChef Savana Dehydrator unique?

Its dual fan technology, stainless steel trays, and sequential temperature timer set it apart, ensuring even and efficient drying.

Can I dry acidic foods in the BioChef Savana Dehydrator?

Yes, the stainless steel trays are non-reactive, making them ideal for acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus.

Is the BioChef Savana Dehydrator easy to clean?

Absolutely, the stainless steel trays are dishwasher safe, although the non-stick and mesh sheets should be hand washed.

How does the BioChef Savana Dehydrator save energy?

By allowing you to use only one fan set for smaller batches, it reduces energy consumption without compromising on quality.



Model Number



Dual 500w motors, 1000w total


50 Hz



Included Accessories

12 Trays, 4 Non-Stick Sheets, 4 Fine Mesh Sheets

Dimensions (Product)

L 51 cm x W 40 cm x H 34.5 cm

Dimensions (Shipping)

L 57 cm x W 45 cm x H 40 cm

Weight (Product)

14.08 kg

Weight (Shipping)

15.7 kg







Dishwasher Safe

Stainless steel trays only


50-65 dB

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